Vogue Nippon loves Freja Beha

Danish sensation Freja Beha Erichsen (love the name), stands out in an eminently “nude” palette on the cover of Vogue Nippon for their February 2009 issue. Flawless.

Pardon this brief disturbance as you scroll down to Freja’s editorial spread, “The Rise of the Cyber Patrol”, from the preceding issue (January 2009) of Vogue Nippon, but the black Fendi bag from S/S09(above), in my eyes, will be one of the few new IT bags for the season. That is all:

 P.S. Way to work those Christoper Kane sequined pants.

Fan of that neck piece?



4 responses to “Vogue Nippon loves Freja Beha

  1. I really love the neckpiece, but I really dislike Freja as a model. While I do enjoy androgyny, I just think there’s absolutely nothing feminine about her- she just doesn’t make me want to wear the clothes that she’s wearing.

  2. Interesting take. I do agree that a model has to convey to the individual browsing through the magazines to want to buy/wear the clothes. Personally, I think Freja is a good model because she has a very strong look. Though she’s not a Lily Donaldson, her look is ugly-pretty which is basically a golden-ticket in the industry.

  3. I agree. Kudos to Vogue Nippon. However, I don’t care for the use of a white European model to exude ‘African Soul” on their March 2009 cover.

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