Ataui Deng: The Next Wek


The title is quite fitting as world reknown SUPERmodel Alek Wek is the aunt of Ataui Deng (gorgeous name), one of the most talked about fresh up-and-comers in the industry. Having walked for hot ticket designers like Proenza Schouler, Jeremy Laing, and Zac Posen for the Spring 2009 season in New York, Ataui quickly caught the eyes of the industry giants including the likes of Steven Miesel. This kind of attention would put pressure on the 18 year-old Sudanese immigrant, but having family in the industry can only strengthen her backbone to handle it accordngly.  Having witnessed her performance on the runway and photos to-date, Deng will hopefully continue the legacy of showing the industry (Are you listening Miuccia?) that black is f**king beautiful, left by colored women such as Alek.

P.S. Her legs (or stilts as some would say) go on for days… *sigh*

Here’s a collection of runway photos, beauty shots, and backstage pictures of the Next Wek.




3 responses to “Ataui Deng: The Next Wek

  1. Alek is definitely a woman of; elegance & integrity. I LOVE the she approaches the runway scene, always with boldness and confidence…SO fiece! We NEED more “models of substance”, like Alek in the industry!

    So many pretty and intelligent ladies on the surface, but there’s NOT a lot of depth that shines along with everything else they project. One day models will come…until then I vote for Alek :O)

  2. “Models with substance” is the perfect way of putting it Tuesdai, and I agree that the number of models fitting that characteristic needs to increase. Alek is a hero in many respects, to many women around the world. I truly believe that Ataui has what it takes to conquer the industry and do what Alek has done. Aren’t Atauis beauty shots stunning?

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