Gucci’s for Summer?

Summertime (for me) is approx. 4-5 months away, which is agonizingly painful to wait for. I’m very excited to indulge and explore all the summer trends for 2009, which is why I’m getting an early start. Gallivanting through cyberspace, I found myself dwelling inside the online store looking for one solid pair of shoes to get me through the summer in the chicest way possible. I’ve narrowed it down to the following 2 pairs:

1. Fresh white, patent leather, high-top lace-up sneakers with detachable fringe and  multicolor beads OR

2. Bright blue patent leather moccasins with antique silver hardware, fringe detail and multicolor striped trim

(Click photo to enlarge)

So, what do we think?



2 responses to “Gucci’s for Summer?

  1. Very comfy & trendy design. I can’t wait for Spring 🙂

  2. As stylish and trendy as they both are, I think I’m going to go with the blue moccasins. They’re different, and patent (I’m a sucker for shiny things), and it’s summer; perfect time to brighten up from head-to-toe.

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