It’s Ajuma B*tch

She’s my Kenyan runway queen. Immaculate stature and intensely bold features make Ajuma Nasenyana the model she is today. Having been a muse for the legendary Vivienne Westwood, Ajuma’s working her way towards all corners of the industry. I want to see this girl walk a Spring/Summer Prada show; hopefully Miuccia can get with the program already.

Click to enlarge photo




3 responses to “It’s Ajuma B*tch

  1. AjumaLover

    She is so f**kin fierce

  2. She is indeed. Those lips are absolutely killer.

  3. Adam

    She is one of my favorite models and also extremely underrated. I agree, Miuccia needs to get out of the box she’s living in and see that there is beauty outside of girls who look like they all just came off the assembly line (Prada S/S09 ad campaign).

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