Come take a whiff

While waiting for my flight at LHR (Heathrow), I decided to galavant in and out of some designer stores (Gucci, E.Zegna, S.Ferragamo, Hermès, Dior, Chanel, and others) and visit the duty free shop. Intending on purchasing a new scent for myself, a wonderful and knowledgable gentleman showed me around. After one too many spritzes, my heart was set on “Play”, the new day/night men’s fragrances by Givenchy. But, I decided to opt for “Vintage”, an exclusive special edition fragrance by John Varvatos. “Vintage” is an oil-based fragrance, therefore it provides a bit of sheen to the skin and also lasts significantly longer than Parisian water-based eau de toilettes/parfums. It’s bold, spicy, warm, woodsy, masculine, and notes a leathery background. You know you want to come smell me now, don’t deny it.


P.S. I’m officially back from my vacay *sigh*.


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