Armando sighting!


As you all know, I was recently soaking up the sun on vacation. Prior to crisping up, we (the fam) made a pit-stop in London to visit my aunt. She met up with us at the airport and took us into the majestic city to do a bit of shoppin-till-we-droppin via the Picadilly Line. As we entered the train, my eye quickly shifted towards an uber well-dressed, and equally striking man on the train. He glanced over (the glance you do when someone gets on the bus/train/subway/etc.) then resumed reading a book about “Success”. My family knows nothing about fashion so I had to direct my reaction towards myself. “Armando Cabral is 2 feet away from me!” I pulled total stalker-style and snapped a couple shots.

Armando was seriously stylin’ that day. He was wearing a sand/tan knee-length pea coat, a long sheer textured black scarf wrapped a few times around, raw skinny jeans, and brown pointy boots. By the time I decided to approach him and engage in a fantastic conversation, he picked up his stunning Ralph Lauren bag and got off the train. Seeing the Portuguese stunner in person made my day, since we don’t see him nearly enough on the runway.

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