Another ferocious cover by VOGUE NIPPON! Lara Stone wor[K] for the April 2009 issue. Can we talk about the pose? That’s fashion, period. I love the way she placed her left hand, looking contorted and out of place.

Taken straight from the runway (shown below), the styling is impeccable and relevant for the season as she’s consumed in Givenchy S/S09. I wish the stylist would have chosen one spectacular leather top paired with a denim vest from the collection (also shown below). Regardless what the critics say (other savvy bloggers), I don’t mind the “G” at all. VNippon should really consider using up more of the white space ether by blowing up the models’ photo or adding some type of background. All in all, Givenchy is always the way to go.




2 responses to “Lara X VOGUE NIPPON

  1. You’re BACK! And still posting fashion that’s firece and dramatic, NICE. I also have another website (also hosted by 4 others) Behind the Inspirations — Where we inspire others by “everyday life” as we see it inspiring to ourselfs. I’m adding this website on as a link.

    As for another good thought, I ‘ve changed over to only “Puppydreams”

  2. …I meant I’m adding your website on as a link 🙂

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