Neck ornaments from Albino F/W09

Isn’t it funny how this global recession brings out the absolute best from all designers? In other words; isn’t it funny how while people are encountering dwindling funds, designers are creating and sending out pieces with higher price tags? Just a thought. Recession-talk aside, it’s time for Albino D’Amato-talk. His F/W09 collection for his line Albino put a huge smile on my face. The clothes were impeccable; gorgeous coats, knotted skirts, ruffled sleeves, and a color palette which started off quite somber but morphed into these beautiful oddly-matched jewel tones. The highlights of Albino’s collection, pour moi, were the over-sized neck pieces (shown below).  These are statement pieces; takes me back to Vera and Dries. The perfect touch of chic brilliance to an already powerful look.


ALL Albino F/W09 RTW (above)

Dries Van Noten S/S2009 RTW

Vera Wang F/W08 RTW



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3 responses to “Neck ornaments from Albino F/W09

  1. Your introduction was entertaining, but it’s so true how designers continue to have high price tags. I love Vera Wang and Albino necklaces!

  2. These necklaces are so bold and fabulous – awesome post!


  3. That really is ironic that you get the best out of designers during darker times, I guess they’re jsut trying to appeal to the poeople that actually wear the clothes or just hoping that their haute couture clients by get intrested in some of the ready-to-wear looks…
    For some reason I know either Dior or Lanvin will do something really great this season! I haven’t got to see the Albino show yet, but I’m just dying to now!

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