Showing some love to one of my favorite fashion blogs! Inside Mode creates the  most stunning collages using various shots from runway collections (Check out the Prada F/W09 post…(L)) The in-depth analysis and breakdown of each collection covered, proves that this blogger is industry savvy (which I appreciate and adore). You don’t make nearly enough collages for us to gawk and drool over!





6 responses to “BLOG SPOTLIGHT

  1. Great blog, the photo-editing is seamless…

    PS. I’ve added you to my blogroll, would be v. pleased if you could do the same.


  2. Aww your so sweeet! Your blog tuly made me happy from the first moment I saw it. It was seriously great to see a blog, that was just pictures and just going I liked this, this and this….hated the rest. By far your the best there is!
    Sorry I haven’t been posting/commenting as often, between school and an upcoming art exhibit, I’m a little stressed. But don’t worry, I won’t dissapoint.

    P.S. – I linked you and your at the top of my list!

  3. Oh wow, thanks for sharing this!! 🙂

  4. kr103185

    ya this is great

  5. Any idea if there are similar blogs like this related to read?

  6. Yeah, The Sartorialist!!


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