Watch [K]inée Diouf

Seriously, watch out for this girl. Signed with  Nathalie Paris back in 2006, Kinée Diouf‘s ferocity finally caught my eye watching the Lanvin S/S07* (Thanks CC) runway show ages ago. Her rich, glistening, mahogany skin against those clothes was breathtaking. Her attitude paired with this Naomi-Coco-esque walk reeled me in, and now I’m hooked. The Senegalese stunner has been taking the industry by storm, literally booking campaign after campaign along with an astonishing number of editorial spreads. Her beauty and stunning features are undeniable. She’s one of the few black (let alone colored) models swimming in a vicious sea of pale Euro-bots, to make things happen. Kinée, Ataui, Aminata: It’s only the begginning ladies.
(click to enlarge photo)

P.S. Can we talk about those legs?…*sigh*






7 responses to “Watch [K]inée Diouf

  1. I really like this post! I thought she looked divine in that blue dress.

  2. She is stunning! I have been watching her since Lanvin Ete 2007!


  3. oh goodness.. shes beautiful and couture carrie knows what’s up: she’s been a star since lanvin summer 07!

  4. OOOh No! Typo – I put S/S09, when I meant S/S07 when she first walked for Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, and YSL in Paris. Thanks CC.

  5. you’re sooooooo right about the induced nostalgia for kate moss! mmm she was truly a queen.

  6. She’s just pure beauty! I think she did an ed with Alber Albaz for Harper’s Bazzar back in 07..
    Definatly a star in the making, her skin is flawless.

  7. I am really starting to like her. I hope she gets more work.

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