The Men of Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld put a face (faces actually) to the male figure we rarely ever see in the wonderful world of Chanel. I only have photos to go by as I was not one of many (thousands!) privileged individuals to attend the F/W09 runway show (wipes away tears). Even his handsome bodyguard, Sebastian Jondeau (far right), got in on the action as he was of the 4 male models to work the runway. P.S. The entire collection was classic Lagerfeld, uber chic, and most importantly “Oh So Coco”.

Jake Davies, Sebastian Jondeau, Baptiste Giabiconi, Brad Koenig

Jake Davies, Brad Koenig, Baptiste Giabiconi, Sebastian Jondeau



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2 responses to “The Men of Chanel

  1. Great photos. I liked them. I wish I had better there myself.

  2. The Chanel male models looked so polish!

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