Beyoncé X American Vogue

Old news: Mario Testino shoots Beyoncé Knowles for the April 2009 “Shape Issue” cover of American Vogue. On to the real “issue”: Where have all the models gone for Vogue covers? The last issue of American Vogue featuring a working model on the cover was Kate Moss for the August 2008 “Age(less) Issue”! Ms. Wintour really needs to study and take notes from her rivals in Paris and Milan (Roitfeld & Sozzani) and use models of the moment. I love Beyoncé, don’t get me wrong, but girls like Sigrid, Sessilee, Nimue, and Kinée are ones who deserve the spotlight; it is a fashion magazine afterall.





3 responses to “Beyoncé X American Vogue

  1. I don’t understand why she doesn’t use models. I felt like the issue with Michelle Obama was styled kinda so-so like. It was just plain boring. The absence of models and interesting articles is what makes me buy other fashion mags. I didn’t even renew my subscription.

  2. rossovelvet

    1oo% agreed. Vogue US is really BAD. Everything is bad – graphic, quality of the impression, even of the paper ( it looks so cheap ! ), of the articles…, you just can’t compare it to Vogue Italy. And the marketing choices of ‘Stars’ are actually really disturbing.
    Mode is about models, come on, at least on the cover !

  3. I seriously feel so depressed that no new models are on the covers of uS magazines. Fashion is about taking a step foward, so what’s new about the same celeb shot hundreds of times on the same magazine. MY Vogue came in the mail today, and really dissapointing. I loved Natasha’s ed though. I’m really starting to hate the lack of creativity inside the mag now too, though. The plain backgrounds are so over used. :/

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