Lakshmi X Dazed & Confused

1 word: well, let’s make it 2 words: STUN-NING. Lakshmi Menon is truly breathtaking in next months issue of Dazed & Confused. Kudos to Nicola Formichetti on her remarkable styling for the spread!



19 responses to “Lakshmi X Dazed & Confused

  1. I love her! She looks amazing!

  2. Wow! That is an incredible looking cover. She’s beautiful.

  3. A-greed!!


    P.S. That D&G mouse ears jacket is one of my fave looks!

  4. A-M-A-I-Z-I-N-G!

  5. This spread showcases; Artistic expression that shines brightly & glitters so surprising! The accessories attach add to the finishing touch.

  6. love the chains and those fierce jewelry. 🙂
    very amazingly done cover.

  7. oh wow, you’ve just given me the best comment/compliment i’ve ever gotten…ever! thanks so much for that, i’m so flattered. especially since your blog is so amazingly well put together. from the few posts i’ve read i love your blog as well.

    about the antm post, i can see celia and teyona at the end as well. fab predictions! i really want sandra to be eliminated. i hate ugly personalities. there is always a girl that causes problems in the house, but they usually have a reason–she doesn’t even have a reason to act the way she does!

    i love lakshmi on this cover. AMAZING. the colors are so great.

  8. rossovelvet

    The graphism is a little bit weird, but that dress makes it all, really !

  9. P.S. Added you to my Fellow Fashionistas blogroll, darling!


  10. wow, and her nails are so cool too!

  11. i totally adore her!!! can you imagine the weight of all that gold etc? such a great cover xo

  12. let me add to the STUNNING part. lets make it OH-MY-GOD-EFFIN-GOOD-GOD-SUPERBLY-STUNNING-COVER. how about that? ;]

    i just love it. i haven’t seen it before and i love it! i would not wear the clothes but oh god those accessories.

  13. Wow, that outfit is absolutely incredible! The chains are absolutely amazing…

  14. thanks for the nicest comment ever! i feel ultimately better about my un-stylish spring break!

  15. Oh yes!! This is so stunning!! I love the gold blings!! 🙂

  16. Couldn’t agree more! Words can’t describe how stunning that shot/the whole ed is. I like her, but I don;t really pay too much attention, but it seriously makes me think I’ve been missing out all of this time now.

  17. drip-p-p-p-p-ing in hardware. love this.

    i think that the return of the model-cum-celebrity is upon us! stam and lily and coco and the other ‘it’ girls aside, so many new- and unnamed- faces stomped down the runway, so im pumped.

    your blog is deathly addictive

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