The Face of the Future

Open any men’s lifestyle/fashion magazine (particularly any spring issue), and you will see his face. AJ Abualrub is the name corresponding to that flawless face for the men’s S/S09 ad campaign for Calvin Klein Collection. Italo Zucchelli’s clean, futuristic, fresh, minimalistic collection for the brand required a face to match those characteristics. AJ’s platinum hair and facial features, particularly his eyes, are intensely captivating. Honestly, it makes me want to go and purchase some CK (the marketing tactics worked on me!). Having landed this huge campaign, AJ’s career is going one way, and one way only: to infiniti, and beyond.



(Click to enlarge)

As if that shirtless primate could go through such a metamorphisis, and become such a beautfiful space-age specimen!




9 responses to “The Face of the Future

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  2. Calvin Klein ads are flawless!

  3. I always love Calvin Klein ads. AJ is one good looking fella.

  4. He is the hotness!!


  5. ray

    awesome face yeah

  6. He really has a versatile look. I could see him dong both Calvin Klein and Givenchy. I don;t think I’ve ever heard of him or noticed him, but then again I haven’t been reading too many men’s magazines lately. Strange because I love menswear as much as womens fashion. Do you know how old he is?

    Did you get that e-mail I sent you the other day?

  7. He’s cute. I like his face, very strong yet soft.

  8. P.S. I’m having a contest on my blog today so be sure to pop by and enter!


  9. Kevin

    AJ is a true relief to the bland that was found in modeling. I am glade to see this new face and new star. Aj is one of a kind. Hope to see him more in the years to come he is on fire!

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