These are the boots!

Before I get into it, I would like to thank all of you fashionistas for leaving your input on my Varvatos footwear crisis (click here). Even though I’m yet to make the purchase (it’s a big decision :p), I managed to get some photos of the boots to aid in the final decision. They were reduced to $222.00 which is honestly a steal for John Varvatos boots. But, I’m headed to my second-home (Toronto, ON) in 3 weeks, where the shopping is incomparable. I have a gut feeling another like-minded fashion freak will scoop these up by then, with absolutely zero hesitation. Now that I’ve provided visual aids, shall I hold my breath and and wait to possibly find something in Toronto? Or, take advantage of its present presence?… I think I’m in ❤




6 responses to “These are the boots!

  1. i guess get them now before you regret it

  2. omg obsessedddd… buy them! now!

  3. I was going to buy these exact same boots a few weeks back…but then I realized I’m debilitatingly poor! Enjoy them.


  4. I love these boots…I think if you don’t buy them you are seriously going to regret it!!
    Hope that helps


  5. whoa, i love your blog.
    the vibe’s pretty hip. Especially with the DIOR HOMME photo in the corner.– favorite collection!

    oh and those boots are great.

  6. If I had the money, I would definitely buy them. I’ve often put off buying something to only regret it later on.

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