Grey Days

Meet the go-to charcoal grey suit; the new, sexy, fashion-forward younger sibling of the traditional, outdated black suit. The charcoal suit is the new wave of men’s dressing as opposed to its boring funeral style counterpart. As we can clearly see, F/W09 designers decided it was time for guys to up-the-ante. Three designers in particular (see below) presented us with a double dose of grey; firstly with a basic charcoal jacket + pant for the daytime, followed by the evening, extroverted show-stopper version with a shiny silver-coated finish. Who knew grey could turn that frown upside down?…


(Click to enlarge)


I AM [K]INGCHIC has been tagged for a second time by…

Inside Mode! The recognition is greatly appreciative, especially from such a fantastic blog/blogger. Your work is impeccable, and inspires other to try new things. Once again, thank you for awarding I AM [K]INGCHIC!

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Why Do I love blogging?:

There are so many ways a person can truly express themselves without limitations. Blogging is one of those ways, but allows virutally anyone to voice their personal opinion and share it with the world. Fashion is truly my passion; all aspects of the industry. Though my voice may not have the power to change or inspire others, knowing that it can be heard is enough for me to continue what I love to do.

This is my first time passing out this award, therefore I’m awarding 4 blogs who I truly believe share the same level (if not more) of passion for fashion and style:





3 responses to “Grey Days

  1. grey suits do have a different look than the black

  2. I was seriously suprised to see so much greys and black in menswear this season. It’s so funny how in womenswear, designers strayed away from it for fear of depressing people. But when it comes to menswear, you find something more in grey and black. Though many people didn’t like the Gucci men’s show, I loved it. It didn’t seem as strong, but if you look at what younder men want now, it’s to feel like a a rockstar.

    Thank you so much for your kind words, and mentioning me again. I don;t think I can ever express all the love and oy your blog brings me. Anyways, I love you r answer. It’s so moving and you clear that fashion is something you truly love. It’s glad to know that your juts not one of those people that make a fashion blog from the free stuff. (which are also good too lol )

  3. Thank you so much! I am so sorry I did not respond to this earlier…I am honored and am sure the other bloggers you listed are as well. I will try to post a response ASAP.

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