Talk about PRESS

Dolce & Gabbana’s S/S09 collection has seriously made a huge splash this season with its Minni Mouse-inspired bold shoulder. Seen on a number of celebrities, such as Jessica Alba and Rihanna, and several covers (see below), the initially heavely scrutinized collection is getting attention from fashion icons. These 5 covers (4 if you consider ELLE Canada’s copycat cover), are the ones thay instantly came to my mind.


Are there any others?



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5 responses to “Talk about PRESS

  1. Giselle is wearing the black one in the recent Harper’s Bazaar with her on the cover. It’s everywhere.

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I was looking for other covers actually, but the photo from the cover story is fab, so I’m adding it in.


  3. C.

    They are great! esp for covers


  4. Jo

    I love this collection. The shapes and textures are amazing. So Luxurious. Great Site By the way!

  5. Wow. Dolce & Gabbana must seriously have a great PR Team. In all fairness though. I seriously loved that collection. Didn’t pay too much attention at frist, but looking back it was very youthful, fun, and alive but still had all the sex we know and love them for. Anna Dello Russo (Vogue Nippon Editor)was seen out in quite a few of these peices, so I think that may also have something to o with it.

    Anyways, your last comment didn’t go through. I’m so sorry. I think I may have click reject by accident and I finished reading it. I honestly felt so bad. I even googled ways to try to retive it, but no luck. I am so sorry.

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