Another LFL challenge has arrived, and is styled beautifully! Unfortunately, the GOLDEN STAR AWARD will not be awarded this week. Answers for “LOVE FOR LABELS #8” are now posted (click link to visit the post). You can also look under Topics/Categories (left column) and click “LOVE FOR LABELS” to find all the posts. Leave a comment to post your answers. Good luck, and let’s award a star next week!


Can you identify the designer/brand of the following 7 items?


Answers will be  posted in the comment section next week.




8 responses to “LOVE FOR LABELS #9

  1. Some of these are total guesses . . .
    1) Miu Miu
    2) Givenchy
    3) Lanvin
    4) Thakoon
    5) Vera Wang
    6) Chanel
    7) Sonia Rykiel

    These are so fun and challenging! You picked some reaaaaaally beautiful pieces!


  2. Hey FAshion Peer!!! I really Love your site! Please check me out! Thanks

  3. 1. see by chloe
    2. balmain
    3. lanvin
    4. thakoon
    5. dries van noten
    6. (get back to you.. . seriously)
    7. lanvin

  4. I think I know this one!:
    1. See by Chloe
    2. Balmain
    3. Lanvin
    4. Thakoon
    5. Dries Van Noten
    6. Burberry
    7. Lanvin

  5. #6 (the gloves) will be waived this week, as there was a discrepancy in identifying the designer. Good luck!


  6. zoe

    i definitely don’t know all of them but i do know some!
    1. house of holland?
    2. balmain!
    3. ehh…
    4. thakoon!
    5. dries van noten
    6. eh…
    7. lanvin

  7. I honestly never know, which is so surprising since I’m always shooting clothes!

    Excellent choices.

  8. LOVE FOR LABELS #9 – Answers

    1. See by Chloé
    2. Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain
    3. Lanvin
    4. Thakoon
    5. Dries Van Noten
    6. *waived*
    7. Lanvin

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