The post title says it all. I’ve been in hibernation the last couple of weeks as I was away in Toronto visiting my closest friends. That city is growing on me every single time I visit. Come next year, [K]INGCHIC’s home base will be Toronto, Ontario, Canada! My apologies for not giving the readers any sort of notice. I have a few things to catch up on as I really had no internet access, as farfetch’d as that may sound. It’s [K]INGCHIC b*tch.



2 responses to “[K]INGCHIC IS BACK

  1. I was seriously wondering where my favorite blogger went! I was so scared and nervous hoping that you didn’t throw in the towel and gave up. I’m glad to hear you had fun, and can’t to see your latest posts. I’m going to try to pick up the speed at inside mode and try to post ever day now. I’m sorry it’s taking a life time to reply to that e-mail you sent me. So exspect a kind hearted response today or tommorrow. ❤

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