Hard-on Pierre Hardy

First off, I ❤ Kirna Zabete. Secondly, are you seeing what I’m seeing? These Pierre Hardy Gladiator Heels knocked my socks off. For me, this is an uber modern yet futuristic take on all things gladiator. If Russel Crowe was a woman, he would’ve been wearing these in the movie. Love, love, love. [K]


photo: kirnazabete.com




5 responses to “Hard-on Pierre Hardy

  1. these are super hot. i would fall but i would look hot falling down.

  2. Catherine Kallon

    OMG I love your right now. For two reasons(3 if you count your blog in general). I love finding out about new desinger online stores. I honestly don’t think i’ve ever heard of that one before. Next up, that shoe is just driving me insane right now. I normally don’t like shoes with a chunky heels, but I this is just mouth watering. That electric blue would look perfect on just about anyone.

  3. ^You stole the words right from out of my mouth. I swear, if I owned those shoes I would seriously strut around in them all day, like it were the end of the world and one last day to impress. 😛
    I love that they have a very striking color, but can still go with almost anything.

  4. Those are freaking gorgeous. I’ve just been sitting here staring at them for the past minute, that’s how delicious they look~

  5. Pierre Hardy has made some great stuff lately, I love the platform-heel combination on this one especially. What a brilliant idea (though I don’t know how you girls would manage walking around in it, but I’m sure it can be done)! I also like the color, it’s pretty much awesome!

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