and ANTM is…

Teyona! Since my first prediction (click here) back in March, I never had a doubt that Teyona Anderson would come out on top of cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model. Allison definitely gave her a run for her money though from an outstandingly ferocious runway show. Check out the final runway show (watch below) where Teyona stomped to the death “barely” covered in Rosa Chá swimwear (LOVE Isabeli on the homepage).



original photo:




4 responses to “and ANTM is…

  1. ok so i totally missed this last week but i heard about the oil/mud wrestling. Teyona was really good. Allison was good too. Towards the end I really didn’t care anymore because they both had enough talent for me not to be upset with whoever won.

  2. I’m so happy she won!

  3. Watching the finale, I was so nervous during both judges. I liked allison throughtout the season and thought I could totally see her walk down a Chanel runway. But, when it was down to the bottom three, the only 2 I wanted left were Amenia (I don’t think I spelled that right) and Teyona. To me that would have been the fiercet final walk-off. But in all, I’m glad Teyona won! I swore if Celia won the competetion it would be the end out the world. She’s great and all but so old. :/

    Prepare yourself for next season, it is supposed to be for girls under 5,7 / 5,6…

  4. I was an Allison fan. She’s who I wanted all along. But I was still happy for Teyona. If Allison was going to lose, I would have no problem with Teyona being the winner. She’s stunning.

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