Obsessed with Bess!

If you love me… If you really love me… you`ll visit the Montréal-based store SSENSE and purchase the leather biker jacket by Bess (shown below) for me…

… then open another window for Revolve Clothing, where you can buy me the Bess Rollover Shoes (shown below). It`s currently May, and my birthday’s in October. Therefore, no excuses! 🙂

photo: ssense.com, revolveclothing.com




3 responses to “Obsessed with Bess!

  1. Studded heaven! Noother way to put it. Such a great stand out piece, but I would rock that with any and everything I own. Minus the pants though. They kind of seem a little home made. 😛
    I’m just putting it out there, if someone gets your either/or, and you don’t like them anymore – feel free to toss in in my direction.;)

  2. Ohhh those boots are truly everything a punk could dream of… I likes!.

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