Lest We Forget

As fashion furiously moves forward, season after season, I can’t help but take a look back into the past. While S/S08 collections were presented in the Fall of 2007 (which is only under 2 years ago), Chanel has been a busy label pushing out 10 collections since then, including Ready-to-wear, Resort, and Couture. S/S08, though I don’t care for any of the clothes, was a very intriguing collection for me based on the plethora of brilliant accessories.


Keep reading to see why…


Loaded with options, let’s start from the arms, and work our way down:

1. Stacked block-letter bangles + silver dual finger glove

  • Love the fun, child-like aspect from the bangles. Wearing multiples is truly the only way to go. Chanel is always designed to draw in the eye and grab attention. Speaking of attention-grabbing, can we discuss the gun-shaped finger-glove? Two-words: lethal weapon.

2. The quintessential Chanel bag with windowed porthole+ uber mini ankle purse

  • The porthole filled with various Chanel broaches/pins/buttons  is another chic touch to such a classic bag that will never go out of style. The ankle purse (in red and black) is one of my favourite accessories from the collection. Seulement Karl.

3. Silver and Black lace-up wedge booties + “CC” insert heeled pump.

  • I don’t even know where to begin. Ok, the wedge booties. I’m truly surprised I haven’t seen them worn on many celebs/fashion folk since their debut. They are, for me, a fantastic basic for every woman (if you have the confidence, go for the silver). The “CC” inserted in the center of the heel is beyond innovative. Elles sont parfait.

Basically, collections containing this much fabulousness cannot be forgotten. [K]




3 responses to “Lest We Forget

  1. First off, yay your back! Blogging felt a little empty without hearing your on-point thoughts. I seriously missed hearing for you. Now on to the amazement that lays infront of my eyes. I remember when that Chanel show happened, I hated everything about it. From the colors to the denim swimsuits, I just hated it. Then once I actually looked into it, it was pure luxury. The silver thing high metalic boots never really grew on me, but I’ve been dying for just a piece of that collection ever since. The CC” insert heeled pumps just make my heart pound with absolute desire.

  2. i didn’t really like the clothes in that collection and i still don’t but i love the accessories the shoes were amazing. people are still wearing the wedges and the ankle purse was genius.

  3. I know it may have been long forgotten about, but I finally replied to the e-mail you sent me ages ago. I’m so sorry for taking so long.

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