Marni Mayhem

After viewing episode #2 of Canada’s Next Top Model, where they styled Tara in this Marni ensemble from S/S09, I had to ask: Who wore it better?


I think Tara worked it out…





2 responses to “Marni Mayhem

  1. I like Jourdan the best but I also like the CNTM girl because she makes it look more youthful.

  2. I think Tara wears it best too. The styling looks less rough and actually like something that someone could pull off. I’ve been noticing that Top Model has been stepping up in the world lately ever since the Versace finale show a few seasons back on ANTM. It’s nice to see that well known designers are starting to take the show seriously.

    I’m actually really starting to love Canadian televison..well what youtube brings me. I recently spent one really uneventful day watching an entire season of project runway Canada and it’s slightly better than the US version. The actual quality of the things they make just blow us out of the water.

    Anyways, I just found out your blog works on my phone. So thank you so much for that! Now I have King Chic on the go. 🙂

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