Alternative Styling

I’m sure every season our eyes wander the hundreds of collections, and eventually are drawn to certain pieces. I always find myself wondering if they’ll be used on magazine covers or in editorial spreads. Furthermore, the fashion in which these focused pieces are styled intrigues [K] the most. For example: this quirky silk skirt by Marni. The skirt paired with this layered shredded-looking lace top is uber interesting, which I adore for editorials. If there are any other editorials using this skirt, PLEASE let me know (comment or e-mail)!

Anna, Alana, & Tara - Marni S/S09 Runway Show

Anna, Alana, & Tara - Marni S/S09 Runway Show



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One response to “Alternative Styling

  1. I’m actually starting to love the way that some looks are styled more on in eds now for some reason. Even though I’m not really to up to date on the latest eds, because I’m starting to shift more into male models lol, the styling in eds seems a lot more natural and real. I suppose it is because real people actually read the magazine and a grasp the tips and how to wear certain trends. In US Elle recently, there was an ed that showed how to pull off the Lousi Vuitton Spring 2009 runway looks, and it absoutly won me over.

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