Pretty in Pink?

This was the only suitable title for this post. If you think you know me, then you’d know I’ve been craving a pair of Lanvin high-tops (or Lanvin anything) for quite some time. While dilly-dallying on Browns, I was immediately drawn to these suede + rubber high-tops. Not only because they’re the exact pair I’ve been pregnantly craving, but they’re pink and dark mauve for cryin’ out loud! Thinking that my day had been made from the high-tops, discovering these insanely cute patent derby shoes (also by Lanvin) put me at an all-time high! I felt (still feel) like a kid in a candy store! *sigh* What’s a boy to do?






2 responses to “Pretty in Pink?

  1. So incredibly beautiful, particularly love the derby shoes.


  2. Your not the only one with a Lanvin craving. The things I would do with just the first pair, let alone the second. The denim ones have seriously been hanging around on my menswear blog for a while now. I seriously can’t seem to let go. Leave it to Lanvin to get a person addicted.

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