Snejana x Vogue Russia

Carrying on with the pinkish vibe, I just had to post this cover knowing its old news. Second best cover so far for the ’09 (right behind Julia x German Vogue) goes to Vogue Russia’s July 2009 issue featuring Ms. Onopka, looking fresh-faced and fabulous in Versace S/S09. J’adore the pinkish hue + rosy glow to compliment that bangin’ dress!





6 responses to “Snejana x Vogue Russia

  1. I love Versace so much!

  2. I saw this cover a few days ago and I fell in love too. This is why Snejana is one of my favorite models ever.

  3. I think her face looks pretty awkward in the photo, mainly because it’s expressionless and disconnected. But I loved this Versace collection, even if the dress looks a bit cheap on the cover.

  4. Why must you toy with my emotions, and post such a fabulous post! Snejana and Versace togethor is too much glamour for my little heart. I agree with the little touch of pink on the cheeks too. Normally I don’t agree with matching your make-up to your dress, but in this case it compliments it perfectly.

  5. i LOVE snejana cover, great


  6. Aww, two faves; Isabeli and Snejana!! xx

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