BIG bows @ MarcbyMarc & Milly

The quintessential feminine trademark sat upon the models heads at the Marc by Marc & Milly shows in NYC. Looks like Marc’s well-received rabbit ears from LV’s fall collection have migrated to New York and have been reshaped into oversized bows; a far more wearable, relevant approach (especially for New York girls). Editorials ate up those bunny ears which were the only locale (other than the LV campaign and @ the MMA for the Model as Muse exhibit ) that we’d really see them worn. By this time next year, thanks to Michelle and Marc, every Tom, Dick and High fashion Harry will be donning a fantastic cranium bow. Let’s see what happens in London, Milan and Paris…


Marc by Marc Jacobs + Milly

Marc by Marc Jacobs + Milly




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4 responses to “BIG bows @ MarcbyMarc & Milly

  1. I agree. I would totally do it!!!

  2. I think Mark realized how much attention the ears got at LV, that’s one of the main reasons why the bows came about, so your comepetly right about that. It’s so 80s though and I’m not sure I’m loving it. 80s overload is starting to become to much for me to take.

    Call me crazy but I’m slightly obbssesed with Dolce & Gabbana’s glove hats. 😛

  3. love the bows – although will never stop lovin the bunny ears look !! for a diy version, read here:

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