Stay Chic with Tory Burch S/S2010

I think I’m getting ahead of myself with all these statements and predictions lately, since NYFW isn’t over yet (and there’s still 3 more major fashion weeks to go)! Nonetheless, this season is about getting customers back into the boutiques and swiping that plastic. How? Knowing your target audience and sending out pieces that are so undeniably chic, a girl can’t say no (literally can’t, on account of her jaw being on the floor). The economy is still in a rough state, so it makes sense to acquire timeless investment pieces that will last and stay on trend for seasons to come. Tory Burch sent out a back-to-the basics collection with a punch of personality for S/S2010. Even though there’s nothing really new, in terms of design, the clothes are relevant and absolutely on point. It’s going to get people shopping without having to think, which is the right mindset in the industry today. To boot, her clothes are apparently at a very reasonable price point, so no excuses.


* [K]INGCHIC’s top 4 looks from Tory Burch S/S2010 – each one is TDF. Tory’s slowly climbing up on my fav. NY designers list…




4 responses to “Stay Chic with Tory Burch S/S2010

  1. Hey there. Great post. I hope you’ve been having a wonderful weekend. Take care. Cheers!

  2. Tory is an interesting thing, because she has that Tommy Hilfiger disease of polluting herself with a gross overused logo, but it’s obvious her design team knows what their doing. I just wish it wasn’t so cheap feeling and overpriced at the same time.

  3. i think a lot of designers sent out collections that were very retail friendly.

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