PROS & CONS @ McQueen

For those of you who are in your own world, earlier today(earlier tonight in Paris) was the showing of Alexander McQueen’s highly anticipated Spring 2010 collection en Paris. Hopping onto the bandwagon of live streaming, like BCBG Max Azria in NYC and Burberry Prorsum in London, McQueen worked with SHOWstudio to do the same.  Having been on my toes (or fingertips I should say) for weeks over the thought of witnessing a McQueen show in realtime, I was quite disappointed; not by the show itself (brilliant and thought provoking), but by the major technical issues the live stream was having throughout the entire presentation.

At first, you couldn’t even connect to the website if ones life depended on it. After savage refreshing, a connection was made. The stream at this point displayed the impressive set along with guests flooding into the room. Connection then froze. Waited…waited… re-connected. Now, showing the interview with Alexander McQueen himself, which was extremely echoed therefore difficult to make out anything the genius was saying. All I caught was this excerpt:

Interviewer: “Is there anything you envy about women?”

McQueen: “Their sexuality.”

After a couple minutes of the interview, the connection froze/stopped again. I can’t tell you how many times I refreshed and re-loaded the page in an attempt to watch the show. Finally, the show began. It kept cutting in and out, and more refreshing was necessary. WWD (Womens Wear Daily) were constantly tweeting and keeping us updated, as they were aware of the technical difficulties. Apparently, some folk who attended the show were ALSO streaming from their Blackberrys! All in all, even though the collection was brilliant McQueen alien-esque outer worldly creatures (from what I did manage to see),the live stream was a complete failure and a hassle for the millions (I’m sure) of viewers worldwide.





5 responses to “PROS & CONS @ McQueen

  1. OMG we were cutting up on twitter about that show. Your comments were funny. Don’t forget that tomorrow at 8:30 am eastern time Louis Vuitton streams their show on facebook.

  2. @thefatanddskinny:
    thanks for the link to the LV facebook page.

    A brain fart occured duirng thr writing of this post, but the interviewer was Nick Knight of SHOWstudio.

  3. I’m surprised to read that there have been technical problems, but at least I’m not that sad that I’ve missed it.
    Those heels are craaazy!

  4. David

    show was ridiculous and i loved ittt.

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