VMAN 15 is out and packing heat. My eyes have been glued on this shot since I picked up this issue. J’adore the Prada leather top on Vladmir, while Gen’s eyes are unambiguously captivating. ❤


(Click photo to enlarge)





2 responses to “MVP

  1. Delicious boys!

    In reply to your Gucci accessories…eh, I think they were pretty weak this season. A lot of the bags just make me ill and I hope to never see them outside of the windows. haha. The shoes look like Topshop quality and we all know how awful the clothes are.

    Donna Karan really surprised me with her shoes, especially for being so ~earthy and comfy~ in her collections and her displays.

    Tom Ford just needs to like put his face on the birds and then it’ll be truly perfection. 😡

    Agreed that Cesare needs a collabo, did you see last weeks photo with the red cut heel? Like omg, no one is doing that or anything close to it, needs to be in every ED ever.

  2. David

    want the guy on the right’s cheeks! …i’m slightly obsessed with cheeks like that…one day!

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