Spring into Winter

Why did I wait so long to get boots for these ‘well-known’ winters I’m accustomed to, and have been for the last 21 years? My lackadaisalness aside… These DSquared² boots are not surprisingly (knowing D²) from the SS2010 menswear collection embracing the great outdoors and the equipment one needs for survival. J’adore the styling; the neon two-tone woolies showing while the boots are loose with laces un-done.


DSquared² apparel is absurdly overpriced so these boots are inspiration behind the pair I will eventually be wearing daily for the next 5-6months. Town Shoes had an interesting pair, much like these, except the colour was hideous (icy gray-blue with black sole; wasn’t happening). ❤ the caramel-tan. Hopefully I find something decent before we all get snowed in!

P.S. Winter = I’ll be keeping my shirt on + adding 3-4 layers of wool.


photos: vogue.co.uk


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One response to “Spring into Winter

  1. David

    love love love these bootsss!!! want want want that (those) coat(s) from dsquareddd!

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