[K]’s Favourite Things (SS2010) Part 1

S/S 2010 was filled with goodies in menswear (especially accessories-wise). I’d like to share with you some of the items that touched me in inappropriate places. The difference between this and Oprah’s favourite things is that I unfortunately can’t send you home with every item (sorry).


D&G studded shoulder bag

(more delightful items after the jump…)


Givenchy studded gladiator sandals


Gianfranco Ferré short-sleeved trench/jacket


Dolce & Gabbana swim trunks

*Not only are the trunks gorgeous, Mr. Gandy in the trunks in also part of my favourite things.*


Stay tuned for [K]’s Favourite Things (SS2010) Part 2!

photos: vogue.co.uk




6 responses to “[K]’s Favourite Things (SS2010) Part 1

  1. I love that bag!!! damn.
    keen eye, man!

  2. I feel like those Givenchys are all wrong for men…hmm. Wonder if I’ll ever see them on the street.

  3. David

    love love love the givenchys!!! and the trench!!! and the bag! lol…

  4. I kind of see where Julia is coming from, because the Givenchy gladiators kind of makes the foot seem bulky, but I would die of excitement if I saw those coming in my direction whilst walking the street.

    On another note, the Gianfranco Ferré collection kind of took me back to Dior Homme S/S 07, but the Ferré show was one of my best this seasons! Great taste as always.

  5. I would totally take that first bag. It is tresmazing.

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