High Hopes for V&R

There isn’t one collection from the boys @ Viktor & Rolf that I haven’t absolutely been sweet on. In terms of new ideas + pushing the boundaries, I believe they rival McQueen or Jacobs, but in a different way. Maybe I don’t read enough international mags but from what I can see, V&R don’t get the editorial credit they truly deserve. Take the platforms from their S/S 2010 collection; HELLO! Editors of spring issues better be featuring all of these or something is wrong.


(the other pairs that made me drool – after the jump!)


How can you go wrong with leather rosettes!? J’adore the corsage-like detail wrapping around the ankle. Something this feminine, pretty, and fun, just makes me want to smile :), no?

photos: vogue.co.uk



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3 responses to “High Hopes for V&R

  1. Yes, I love these shoes, have even used them in some of my collages 🙂 Not so hot on the flower shoes, but the zip ones are amazing.
    I agree, that they havent been picked up on by the press as much as they should be.

    The Fake Sartorialist Blog

  2. Thanks for drawing some attention towards them! These shoes – especially the first two pairs for me – are really cool!

  3. Lovely pics! These shoes are gorgeous!

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