With the rumoured return of Gemma Ward, I would say that the doll-like girls are coming back full-force. Codie Young (left) and Rosemary Smith (right) are two relative newcomers (both from down under as well) who fit the profile. Talk about perfection; this shot, from the October 2010 Vogue Australia spread “Lace Value”, has me melting. The vibe is uber romantic, and the girls are piercing through the shot while still remaining so soft and effortlessly beautiful.



4 responses to “DOLL FACE

  1. It is a fantastic editorial indeed – after seeing all the pictures, I must say it’s utterly perfect. The models, the styling, the lights, the whole atmosphere. Truly amazing!

  2. Danny Miyazaki

    Please bring back Gemma! The absent of her is killing me!

  3. Danny,

    It’s killing us all! We’ve all heard the rumours about her return. Let’s hope it’s sooner than later before we completely rid her from our top spots (strong statement, but there are currently some ferocious girls taking top honours).


  4. Danny Miyazaki

    The rumors have been going on for years. Maybe we’ll just have to accept that we won’t ever see Gemma as a model again. Now we all forced to watch the new pirates to see her face again!

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