I’m sorry, but fuck all the other housewives nationwide (Bethenny, I still love you). The Real Housewives of Atlanta are it! Season 3. Let’s do it. In addition to our veterans (Kim, Shereé, and NeNe♥), Kandi’s back, and we welcome model Cynthia Bailey, and attorney Phaedra Parks. I cannot get enough of these women (can you blame me?).

(Left to Right) Phaedra, Kim, Kandi, Shereé, Cynthia, and NeNe.

Some words for the ladies…

Phaedra: Unlike some of the other women, your career shows that you actually have a decent bank roll. You say you’re a Southern Belle, a type of women unlike any other in the U.S.A., so, put your money where your mouth is.

Kim: Apparently you munch carpet now? Not surprised, at all. You have to, somehow, keep yourself in the tabloids between seasons. I guess, becoming a lezzie is a good way to go. Afterall, it did work for Lindsay).

Kandi: You had it pretty rough last season *hugs*. Time has passed, and I truly hope you’ve healed, and grown. We know your feisty and no-nonsense approach didn’t bode well with Nene. Would love to see how you clash with one of the new ladies, or even Shereé (we know it will happen, eventually).

Shereé: That dress…*cue the vomit*. I hope you realize She by Shereé will never make it if you keep going between pause and play. The fashion show last season was hot, but taking a break to act (for which you should really re-consider) is only hurting your business. Just stick to throwing self-glorifying parties.

Cynthia: The self-proclaimed supermodel, huh? Honey, I had never heard your name in my life until I tuned into Season 3. But, you’re stunning (I’ll give you that). Anyways, you seem frail, so hopefully you’ll be able to stay on NeNe’s good side.

NeNe: There are no words. Fabulous. ♥ FIERCE new do, and you’re werrrrqin’ that dress like nobody else. You, without a single doubt in my mind, make the show what it is.


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