Let me cut right to the chase: This week, in addition to regular posts, I’ll be sharing with you highlights, in my opinion, from this years annual Golden Globes; those that took me to orgasm, and those that left me limp, permanently.

Top 4 The Winners, minus Olivia Wilde in Marchesa. Frankly, it was too prom-like. Also, the straight hair wasn’t working for me (ahem, Sandra, ahem). Anyways, on to those who nailed it:

#4 Tilda Swinton in Jil Sander

Leave it to the queen (king?) of androgyny to bring editorial delights a la red carpet. At first, I was expecting her to roll up in a Lanvin frock, up-staging  Ms. Moore, tenfold. Knowing that Tilda is one to keep up with the seasons, Lanvin SS11 was too colorful + feminine for her sense of style. To no real surprise, she dons the epitome of an androgynous dress: a man-inspired white shirt on top, and a gorgeous champagne column skirt on the bottom. Little to no accessories; less is way more, in this case.

#3 Leighton Meester in Burberry

A lot of you will argue with me on this one, but f#%k you. The only thing I could see as an issue with Leighton in this Burberrry frock, is if she was nominated. For our Queen B, this is totally muting what we normally expect to see her in. I think it was a smart for her to go in subtly (but fabulously), as she+the show were not nominated. It’s simple and perfectly accessorized. Winna winna, chicken dinna.

(Top 2 after the jump!)

#2 Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive

Not too much to say about Anne. The dress, and her in it, totes speaks for itself.

#1 Emma Stone in Calvin Klein

Emma definitely gets an easy A(+++) for her choice of this beautiful Calvin Klein number. There are too many great things happening from head to toe. The hair – blonde! Perfect color to seamlessly compliment her (new) skin tone (spray-tan?) and peachy/coral colored dress. This is the first time I’ve seen her look like a star. The dress is clinging to and hitting her in all the right places. Flawless. She’s now set her own bar.



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  1. Emma Stone just got so much hotter!

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