3 responses to “PRADA OVERKILL?

  1. Even though I am not against bright colors and colorful clothes, Gisele looks weird on that cover. Coco and Enikő on the other hand, look natural.

  2. Prada overkill?? Pish Posh…If they keep doing it right, then I’m game at least for a couple more editorials. But I agree I’m not loving that particular outfit on Gisele.

  3. The feelings are mutual in regards to the Vogue China cover with Mrs. Tom Brady. The Rodarte-esque hair, energy-embedded clothes, the slightly slouched posture, and lack of expression, combined, make for an odd image.

    Nadia, you know how much I (we) adore this Prada collection. I’m with you; game for a few more editorials if they are styled to perfection. But, keep in mind, these covers/edits haven’t even gone into March yet… It’s more of a pre-cursor to total overkill.


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